Loved Leather and


Handmade Jewelry

Are you storing a leather item that belonged to a loved one? Let’s make it something you can wear every day!

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Text, email, call or see me at the next market, let’s do it!

Im hoping they weathermen are right and the rain will be over by morning. If so, these hammered sterling silver, copper and crystal earrings will be going to market tomorrow!

Downtown Rockport Makers Market in the Cultural Arts District in Rockport, Texas.

I enrolled in metalsmithing/silversmithing class thinking I was going to make bracelets but somehow I fell into rings, I’m having so much fun!

3/28 I finally found the courage to cut my silver in class yesterday!

3/14 I started taking a silversmithing class, in the first 30 minutes I learned I had been doing it all wrong! Very exciting when you find out where you went wrong!

Still haven’t plucked up the courage to cut my silver sheet yet but soon!

Meanwhile practicing with brass & copper.

Beachcomber necklace now at Moon Over Water Gallery.

302 S.Austin St. Rockport, Texas.

This is all I accomplished today, I had plans to get so much more done. Dainty infinity knot with bead and pearls on smooth black leather.

Lobster claw clasp. Size Medium.

Men’s bridle leather, one of a kind bracelets.

Dark brown leather has vintage Air Force badge.

Brown leather has 1974 Quarter both with S hook clasps. Size men’s medium.

A bracelet for someone with eclectic taste, Wanderer Bracelet with Crystal, jasper, Pearl, jade and other beads. On copper on brown leather. Snap closure. Size medium.Only one.

Bone,bead and turquoise on this black leather traveler bracelet. Size medium. Only one.

My silversmithing

classes don’t start

until March but

I’ve been eager to tinker with the tools I got for Christmas. I have no idea what I’m doing so I’m experimenting with copper as it’s not as expensive, this is the only piece I’ve had success with. Which flux for which solder? torch or iron ?

Which solder? Easy, medium, hard? Fumbling my way around but still so excited! Watch this space!

Traveler bracelet

Leather and Pearl and bone and turquoise and keys and silver……..

Picked up along the way or left behind yesterday?

Trying new things for the new year. Copper bracelet with chain on leather.

Patina’d copper with copper chain and clasp on leather making a very comfortable piece.

New year, new designs.

Leather Talisman pendants and Mesquite earrings

Can be found at

Moon Over Water Gallery

In Rockport.

Horse trampled mesquite pieces

from the pasture

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the November and December markets a great success! Thank you to The Daily Grind for always being such a great host!

Christmas is right around the corner and already we are getting ready for the New Year!

The pieces below can be found at the Moon Over Water Gallery in Rockport, TX where you will also find a feast for your eyes with the amazing work of so many talented artists! If you are in the area be sure to check it out. 302 S. Austin St. Rockport Texas.

Getting things ready for a great holiday market in Rockport in the Downtown Cultural Arts District.

Saturday November 26, 302 S.Austin St.

A simple but elegant seaglass pendant would make an ideal gift for that special someone.

Only 30 days to get all that shopping done so come to Rockport Saturday November 26th .

Downtown Rockport Makers Market is a great place to find unique gifts like these glass on leather bracelets.

See you there Saturday November 26th

Why leather? Because over time it gets a wonderful patina and conforms itself to your wrist making it a most comfortable piece.

Just felt like working

with a slice of walnut today

Floral Garden Super lightweight Earrings for summer

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By request bead and seaglass wall hanging going to Rockport Makers Market at the Daily Grind in the Rockport Cultural District Saturday June 11, 2022

Seaglass and Leather Jewelry

Rockport Makers Market

Saturday June 11th 2022

302 S. Austin St. Rockport, TX

Hello from the Rockport Makers Market in the Rockport Cultural District

Welcome March

If you have any questions or comments

Please do call, text or email.

Murano glass on Leather

Getting ready for market

New bracelet style for him or her

Amazonite on brown leather

How much leather do you need?

10 inches long

I inch wide

Or for a 2 - 2 1/2 inch cuff style bracelet

10 inches long, 2 1/2-3 inches wide

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No mass produced, generic stamped name tags here, your keepsake is made from the actual leather item your loved one wore. Whether it’s a belt a beloved family member wore or reins from your trusty steed, your keepsake is a very personal way to keep them close.

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Whether they are far away, grown up or passed on, a keepsake from something belonging to them can be a source of comfort to you and honor them.

What an honor to make two bracelets and a keychain for three siblings from their Fire Captain father’s belt.

The leather was lovingly conditioned and beads of customers choice were added.

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