No smooching here!
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Who knew there were 1,300 species of Mistletoe?! Also known as Bird lime, All heal, Golden bough, Iscador, Drudenfuss and Devil’s fuge. I have been removing mistletoe from my trees for 20 years, even though it’s magical at Christmas and all the wonderful smooching myths and traditions date back to medieval times it is toxic to horses so it’s got to go but this one got away from me. Fortunately it’s not in an area the horses have access to so maybe I’ll leave it for the birds who will enjoy the protein. Just one of the joys of country living. Rich in wildlife and far from the madding crowd my home in the boonies is a source of inspiration, a place for creating natural and organic jewelry but the inspiration behind Meleorem Keepsakes came from the first bracelet I made from my horse’s breast collar. The leather that passed over his chest to the girth, across his beating heart, was what started it all. I had been making bracelets and earrings from natural materials like recycled leather, sea glass and semi precious stones when I made something for myself. It was so emotional for me to have a bracelet that brought back memories of all the things we did together, it gave me a connection to very special times with a very special horse that I wanted others to have that experience too. Your item doesn’t have to be something that belonged to a deceased pet or loved one. Maybe someone you love is far away, college, military service or a work relocation and you just want to feel them close, maybe you’d like to have a special gift made for someone dear, dig out that leather item you have stored away and let’s get transforming ! I’m hear to answer any questions you may have. I’ll post a FAQ page soon. Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by! Katrina